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1-Evaluate your needs.

Why do we need the extra space?

Is your family growing? Are you now working from home? Does your partner want a gym? Knowing exactly what you want from the extra space will help you decide what building solution is best to achieve your dream house.

EXTENSION-most straightforward solution if you have space around the house. Great choice: 1 or 2 storeys, traditional or contemporary design statement, opening onto the garden… Perfect for kitchen living areas, extra bathroom, office….

LOFT CONVERSION- If you cannot extend out, extend up! Loft conversion are increasingly popular where extending out is not possible due to the lack of exterior space or because it has been extended already.

You can get a single or double storey conversion depending on budget and planning permission.

As it will be the highest storey of the house= more light, more views. Best for intimate space: master suite, children bedrooms, playroom, bathroom…

REFURBISHMENT- If you cannot extend or convert the loft a great solution is to redesign the interior layout to suit your personal needs. By bringing down the wall of the unused dining room you can create the state of the art kitchen you always dreamt of!

Breaking down interior walls and redesigning the layout of the rooms enable you to get tailor made space, making the most of every inches.


EXTENSION- wide range of prices depending on size, number of storeys, materials used and style.

Surprisingly building a 2 storey extension is not as expensive as you may think because it is less work to build a second floor than a ground floor. It is worth thinking about a second storey, even if you don’t build it, if you are thinking of selling your house , get planning permission for it will increase your property value.

LOFT CONVERSION- It might be a more complex conversion as you are dealing with the roof. It can get quite pricey to build a 1 or 2 storey loft conversion. But it is a sure way to add value to your property especially if it is a terraced house.

Some conversions are very easy and straightforward when there is already enough head height and when the extra stairs is easy to install.

REFURBISHMENT-If your budget is very limited it is worth considering a small extension/conservatory or redesigning the layout of your interior. It is not as complicated as you may think and opening up a room or changing the position of internal walls to create more space is often a swift and cost effective way of increasing your living space.


Check out what the neighbours in your street have done with their house. It will give you an idea of what it might be possible for you to achieve as well.

Make sure you consult your local council and respect the Building Regulations.

E.g: use same bricks as the house, Height limitation…


It is always difficult to have builders and decorators working in your home. Whatever work you are planning to do it is important the projects are completed within time and budget!

If you have children and you are having a loft conversion and an extension done it might be more practical to move out for the duration of the work. On the other hand if you are a couple of professionals with no children the discomfort might be easier to manage as we can arrange for an area for you to use and you may have the occasional disruptions.

Just be honest with yourself regarding how much disruption you can bear, for how long and how it will affect your every-day life.


Now you are about to get the space you always wanted it is the perfect moment to get the house you always wanted! It is the moment to refresh and re-decorate your home. A complete makeover will tie the “Old” house with the new room(s) and create balance and harmony. You will feel like you have moved to a new house and it will attract buyers should you wish to move.

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